Thursday, December 9, 2010

Final Update

So here we are. The portfolio disk is finally done. I think for the first time since I've been in this class, I actually feel really good about the outcome of a piece. There might be some things I'll think of later that I needed to tweak and forgot to, but alot of tweaking was done already. All in all, I'm actually really happy with this piece. I'm happy with the way it turned out, and I'm happy with the amount of work I invested in it.

Kitty Blues from Celia Mitchell on Vimeo.

I'm also pretty happy with the DVD menu. I spent a lot of time working on that this weekend. All in all, I think this was a good end to a rather rough semester. I fully intend to experiment a bit more over the break with AE, and hopefully come up with something even better.

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